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推荐10部经典圣诞题材的纯英文字幕电影纯英文字幕电影, by owenlee.
又到了一年新旧交替的美妙时刻了,纯英文字幕电影网站从13年成立至今,已经制作并发布了300多部适合英语学习的纯英文字幕电影了。感谢大家的支持和鼓励,鉴于博主目前还有一家IT公司在运营,所以更新英文字幕电影的进度没有以前那么频繁了,不过,我会一直keep an eye on那些classic, fascinating, meaningful and knowledgeable Movies. 这次欧文给大家推荐的电影都是围绕圣诞主题展开的,一共10部,以下是这些经典圣诞题材影片的视频集锦和英文介绍:

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#10. Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas《圣诞怪杰》(2000)
#9. The Santa Clause《圣诞老人》(1994)
#8. Scrooged《孤寒财主》(1988)
#7. Elf《圣诞精灵》(2003)
#6. Home Alone 《小鬼当家》(1990)
#5. Christmas Vacation《疯狂圣诞假期》(1989)
#4. Miracle on 34th Street《三十四街奇迹》(1947)
#3. A Christmas Carol《圣诞颂歌》 (1938)
#2. A Christmas Story《圣诞故事》(1983)
#1. It’s a wonderful life《生活多美好》(1946)

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Number 10: 《Dr. Seuss’:How the Grinch Stole Christmas》Our work here is finished, the live-action film adaptation of this Dr. Seuss classic is just as endearing as the book, Using all the existing rhymes and adding to the Grinch’s backstory With his tiniest of hearts ,The Grinch is trying to steal Christmas from all the expectant who’s down in Whoville, But a chance encounter with Cindy Lou Who changes everything, when she makes it her Christmas mission to change his heart and his mind.

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Number 9: 《The Santa Claus》Even if you’re too old for Santa, this movie recaptures the wonder you felt about him as a child. After Scott Calvin knocks Santa off the roof on Christmas Eve, he must deliver the rest of the presents or risk ruining Christmas, Scott thinks it’s a one-time gig but soon learns he must become the new Santa.

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Number 8:《Scrooged》Based on Charles Dickens classic novel 《A Christmas Carol》, This film makes Evan Esar, a TV exec who’s got no time for his employees or the woman he once loved. Unlike the earlier adaptations ,this version strikes the balance between humour and sentiment with Bill Murray bringing all the funny.

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Number 7:《Elf》What’s more ridiculous than casting a six-foot-three men as one of Santa’s elves, Pretty much nothing, An instant classic, 《Elf》 tells the story of Buddy, a North Pole elf who finds out he’s actually a human, with his new found identity, Buddy goes on a search for his biological parents, hilariously funny, but also touching!《Elf》 was a major box office success earning more than six times its budget and bringing the Christmas spirit to the masses.

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Number 6:《Home Alone》Every kid’s dream is for no adult supervision which is exactly what happens to eight year old Kevin McCallister. After being accidentally forgotten by his family when they leave for Christmas vacation, Kevin faces burglars trying to break into his home. With some ingenious booby traps and more than a little Moxie he thwarts their attempts and eventually reunites with his family. Prompting a heartwarming ending, that helped make this one of the highest earning comedies ever

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Number 5:《National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation》

National Lampoon was already a great franchise, but Jhn Hughes made it even better by writing this Christmas classic. In another adventure with the Griswold family, we see Clark trying and failing to create the best traditional Christmas for his family. However, as always, nothing goes his way but Clark finds that it isn’t how they celebrate the holiday that’s important, but that the family spends it together.

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Number 4:《Miracle on 34th Street》Every good department store Santa must strive to be like Kris Kringle, the Santa in question in this film. After seeing Kringle and Macy’s, little Susan Walker believes he’s really Santa Claus. Her hunch makes the authorities question him and he’s arrested. After that, he must sway the judge and jury into believing he is old St. Nick. This movie reminds us every year that during the holidays, anything is possible when you truly believe.
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